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e are constantly asked, "What is a Commissary and why are you called this?" Commissary's were small country stores throughout the South. They sold everything from blue jeans to bologna.

The original Commissary, in Germantown, Tennessee was a small country store for over 90 years, until Walker Taylor bought it in 1981 and turned it into one of the best Memphis BBQ joints around.

The name worked then and still does today. Our world famous Memphis style barbecue and ribs is "so good y'ull slap yo' mama."

We hope you enjoy our hickory-smoked, slow-cooked Memphis BBQ & Ribs the folks around here have enjoyed for over 25 years. We cook the old-time, Memphis-style BBQ way.

Let the Germantown Commissary cater your next party with mouth watering Memphis style BBQ that your guests are sure to love. We can serve between 10 and 10,000 hungry people. Full or self-service, leave the work and worry to us! Also, remember you don't have to live in Memphis to enjoy our food - Buy BBQ online! 

The staff at Germantown Commissary really hopes you enjoy your meal. Please let us know how we may serve you better. If you like us, tell a friend! If you don't, tell us so we can take care of you better when you come see us again!

Thank You! Please come back soon!
- Walker Taylor
P.S. Folks, our food is homemade and our Memphis BBQ is slow cooked. We strive to serve food fast, not fast food! Some items–like burgers, shrimp, and grilled chicken sandwiches–are cooked to order, so it may take a little longer to prepare them. Sit back and think about what you'll have for dessert! 
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  • Order Ticket

    Order Ticket

    Wednesday Dec 31, 2008

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    Walker doing business

    Wednesday Dec 31, 2008

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    Wednesday Dec 31, 2008

  • Pullin' pork

    Pullin' pork

    Wednesday Dec 31, 2008

  • Watch out for the lightpole!

    Watch out for the lightpole!

    Wednesday Dec 31, 2008

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    BBQ Sandwich

    Wednesday Dec 31, 2008

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